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Pressure loss calculation in a straight pipe

rohr Pressure drop in a pipe changes with varying pipe length, pipe diameter and volume flow.
Pressure drop in a pipe changes with varying physical properties and roughness of the inner pipe surface?

System curve and pump curve

rohr Pressure drop in straight piping, in a 90° bend, pressure drop in valves, filters, heat exchangers etc.
Check where your system curves and pump curves meet best for your point of operation.
Start the pressure drop calculation of your plant with an interactive flow sheet: pump below or above liquid, filling from the top or the bottom, closed loop.
Up to 3 system curves: how does pressure drop in your piping change with varying volume flow, storage levels, surface roughness, pyhsical properties (density, viscosity) and/or different designs of piping, valves, filters, heat exchangers etc.
Up to 5 pump curves: compare different pump types and models. Further options are pumps in series, pumps in parallel and the variation of speed.

Pipe insulation and heat losses

rohr Determine the influence of pipe diameter and insulation (thickness, thermal conductivity, thermal bridges) on the heat transfer.
How does the insulation of your piping behave with varying ambient temperatures and wind speed?
Check the perfomance of your pipe insulation once the liquid stopped flowing.

Pipe span and pipe weight

rohr Determine the pipe span. How do pipe material and medium influence the pipe span?
What will be the value of the maximum deflection of your pipe?
The calculation delivers the pipe weight per unit lenght including medium and insulation.

Humid Air

dew point

Wet Bulb Temperature

Water hardness convert

rohr Density, dew point, enthalpie and much more dending on temperature, pressure and relative humidity.
Calculation of two stes of parameters at constant mass flow of dry air.
Wet bulb temperatur: calcultion, explanation and derivation.

Water pumps EU 547-2012

wirkungsgrad Hydraulic pump efficiency water pumps EU 547-2012 at best efficiency point (BEP). Designs ESOB, ESCC, ESCCi, WS-V, WSS.
Calculation of nominal power and thermodynamic work.

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